Don't Compromise your Surveillance Network

ECI Systems designed the hardware and software for POS Vu to display real-time transactions of cash registers in a simply video format that can integrate with analog or IP surveillance systems.

POS Vu is a secure & faster way to view your point of sale data alongside your surveillance video.

Key Benefits
- Easy to view live or recorded POS terminal transactions using equipment        that operators already know
- Can be used with any video system
- High quality, easy to read real-time or stored transaction data on video
- Fast identification and retrieval of events of interest
- Securely isolates POS network from surveillance network

- Display each POS terminal transaction data as a separate, real-time               analog output alongside camera view(s)
- Supports unlimited number of POS terminals
- Trigger alarms based on events
- Automatic call-up of transaction data and associated cameras via alarm

Office Locations

Bismarck, ND

Fargo, ND

North Sioux City, SD